urdu stencil signet rings

The Stencil Signet Ring collection is an urban, unshackled take on glorious signet rings of the past. This signature collection is now being produced in Urdu, in celebration of the elegant and fluid lines of Urdu’s traditional Nastaliq script. 

The Urdu Stencil Signet Ring collection presents a fresh and modern expression of local urban culture, affording even greater creativity for its wearer and their unique expression. 

Crafted in-house and individually cut, forged, and polished by hand, all forty letters of the Urdu script have been delicately rendered into single sheets of sterling silver. Letters can be mixed and matched and worn in combination to spell names, personal mottos, or express attitudes in ways at once playful and traditional. 

Each piece is unique and crafted in-house using traditional techniques at the zohra rahman studio.

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